2019 Conference And Sale Events

Sept 20 – 21                                                                             10th Annual Appalachin Kiko Invational                                      Appalachim Fairgrounds                              Grey, TN.     dMore Information:     Lance Buckles   423-957-0059        John Roller     423-782-6447

Sept 20 – 21                                                           NKR’s Oklahoma Hills Meat Goat Conference and Sale                          Okmulgee County Fairgrounds               Okmulgee, OK.    More Information:              www.oklahomahillskiko.com                          Linda Sparks  918-484-2364                       Kent Perkins   918-755-4462

Oct 4 – 5                                                    NKR’s Corn Country Commercial Goat conference and Sale                          Harrison Co. Fairgrounds                               Corydon, IND.       More Information:                          www.creamofcropkikos.com                           Terry Hankins     662-519-9697                             


Oct 18 – 19                                                                          Heritage Blue Ridge Inivational                                         Rowna County Fairgrounds                                    Salisbury, N.C. More Information:                    Rich Davis    770-630-5634                           Phil Wilborn   334-313-1687    

Nov. 8 – 9                                                                           SEKGA Fall Roundup and Sale                                                  Forrest County Ag. Center                                 Hattiesburg, MS.  More Information:                        Dewayne Smith    601-394-8763                             Anne Gerrish  478-954-6125

Map will reflex the closest upcoming sale.

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