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We all, at sometime, need to work our animals. At times the items needed can be a little pricey and may get put off until we have the needed resources.  Being a good, standing member of CUSKGA you have how to write an abstract for a dissertation the ability to make the job not quiet as expensive. Check out the items that we have secured, to help with easing the price pain of working your goats.

Remember, CUSKGA members PAY NO FREIGHT. If you have any questions please just click on the button and either email or give us call. 


Most of us utilize the benefits of using “copper bolus” Copper adds in the treatment and prevention of a variety of parasites common in goats.  These guns makes the job almost easy.  Bolus capsules do not slip of the neck, as they do with the straight tube applicators.  Just ease into the side of the mouth and place on the back of the tongue and pull the trigger, done.  The guns come in both 2 gram and 4 gram size, for adults or kids. The button below will take you to the order form for the bolus guns. 

15 Digit Microchip

More and more of the breeders are going to microchipping their animals than the old fashion tattoos. We have found, what we believe, is the best 15 digit microchip at the best price possible. As members you can take advantage of the lower prices and pay no freight.  No matter how many you purchase at a time. 

It’s good to be a CUSKGA member

15 Digit Chip Reader

CUSKGA can offer its members this 15 digit hand held chip reader at a great price.  This reader also has the ability to download all your information on to an excel type webpage. Operates on a nine volt battery and has automatic shut down after delayed usage.

Remember: Members Pay No Freight Charges.

Cidr's and Applicators

            With AI becoming more and more accessible to everyone of our members, it is time to make the effort a little easier on the wallet.  Cidr’s (any quantity) is only $5.00 ea. and the applicator is $9.95.  Also, NO shipping charges to CUSKGA members.

     COPPER BOLUS. Membership in CUSKGA deserves more than a thank you.  We now offer 2gm and 4gm copper bolus at discounted prices for all CUSKGA members Simply click on the order form below and take advantage of your CUSKGA membership.  And remember “no freight for members”

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