Welcome to the new CENTRAL U.S. KIKO GOAT ASSOCIATION” home page.  CUSKGA is a group of breeders devoted to the continued improvement of the Kiko bred. Our members number close to 100 strong and still growing.  The members all are active participants in the sharing of knowledge made up of many, many years of breeding the Kiko goat. We all welcome new breeders to our family and with the hopes that they to, some day, will share their knowledge with other new Kiko breeders.

     As members you can receive discounted items and always free freight, on all items purchased from the group. Participation in the annual conference and sale (sale of animals available to members only) is only one of the advantages of belonging to the Central U.S. kiko Goat Association.

Please feel free to ask any of our members about CUSKGA  and the benefit from their knowledge and experience. 


     It is almost time for the  Central U.S. Kiko Goat Association fifth annual “2021 SPRING FLING.  April 23rd and 24th, 2021 at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds, Okmulgee, OK.

     The new year will be bringing changes to the event and we would like you to be informed of the changes.  On Dec. 1st. the 2021 rules will be available on the website. Simply click on the button below “2021 Rules”  and please read the information. There will also be a button leading to the “events page” and we will post them as soon as we can obtain confirmation from the speakers.  The speakers, again this year, will feature something for the experienced Kiko breeder as well as the breeders just starting out or wondering about starting in the goat business.

     One of the biggest changes to the sale is the option of consignment.  This year there will two ways to consign your goats. Consignments will not be accepted before Dec. 15th.  If you are consigning on line, the forms will not be available until the 15th. One, click on the button below “2021 Consignments”, this form will be available Dec. 10th. print out the form and mail it in with your consignment check. Remember, it cannot be accepted before Dec. 15th. Second, click on the “SHOP” button in the menu. Located on the top of the page. Look for “2021 consignment” and simply click the number you want to consign.  There will be a total available on the site, so you will know immediately if you have made the sale. On the same page you will find the semen lots available at this sale. This year we are allowing only 10 lots to be entered into the sale. Any consignor that consigns 3 does (maximum) will be eligible to consign 2 lots of semen, each lot will contain only 2 straws (no packaging) of straws.  So, if you have semen to consign, please do not wait.

     If you want to advertise your website or ranch, you can also reserve space by simply clicking the size you want (1/2 page or full page) or the more limited inside front cover, back cover and inside the back cover. These go very quickly so plan ahead.

     All of the consignment of does, semen and advertising can be paid on line with either PayPal or Credit Card, with no additional charges.

     If you have any questions please contact either Wayne Simms @ 918-633-7353 or Dennis Thorp @ 832-629-9909

     If you would like to join CUSKGA and become an active member of the group, simply click on the button below, download the form, fill out and send.  That’s all there is.


     It is time to renew your Central U.S. Kiko Goat Association’s  membership renewal.  You can either click on the button below and send in your check, or click on “SHOP” and renew on the internet with PayPal or Credit Card.