Welcome to the new CENTRAL U.S. KIKO GOAT ASSOCIATION” home page.  CUSKGA is a group of breeders devoted to the continued improvement of the Kiko bred. Our members number close to 100 strong and still growing.  The members all are active participants in the sharing of knowledge made up of many, many years of breeding the Kiko goat. We all welcome new breeders to our family and with the hopes that they to, some day, will share their knowledge with other new Kiko breeders.

     As members you can receive discounted items and always free freight, on all items purchased from the group. Participation in the annual conference and sale (sale of animals available to members only) is only one of the advantages of belonging to the Central U.S. kiko Goat Association. new members can take advantage of the “Goattrax” software (free for first year)

Please feel free to ask any of our members about CUSKGA  and the benefit from their knowledge and experience. 

     If you would like to join CUSKGA and become an active member of the group, simply click on the button below, download the form, fill out and send.  That’s all there is.


     Just move about the site and see what membership can do for you. If you have any questions just click on the link below and

Lets Talk Goats

  We are not happy about this announcement, but we must, again, reschedule the CUSKGA Spring Fling. Due to many scheduling differences and availability we have decided to have the conference and sale on Nov. 6 & 7, 2020. It was not an easy decision to make, but, for the health and safety of all the attendees, consignors and animals we felt that the change of dates had to be done.
Please, stay healthy and stay strong.
Denny, Wayne, and Joe.