This year we will be offering the CUSKGA SPRING FLING consignment nominations by computer.  This should save you some time and money and get your consignments entered with little or no effect with the mails.  You will see a running count of consignments to see if your entry will make the sale.  This application will only be active from the 15th of December 2020 until all lots are filled.

Please, before you make the consignment, go to www.cuskgaspringfling.com and click on the Spring Fling 2021 button and read the Rules Section.  There will be a direct link located on the home page of CUSKGA.ORG.

All consignors, to the spring sale, must be up to date on their membership. Membership renewal is also available on this SHOP page.

Any questions please call:  Wayne Simms 918-633-7353  or Dennis Thorp  832-629-9909

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  •    Maximum of 3 Does per Consignor
  •     Non-Refundable deposit
  •    No Bucks in sale
  •    Doe with kids considered as one lot
  •    PLEASE read the 2021 rules before consigning:  Find on Home Page
  •    Only 2 semen lots (4 straws only) per consignor. Does NOT count as one of the three doe lots


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